Becoming a certified open water diver is the first step in the fascinating world of scuba diving.

    The trip continues with the Advanced Open Water certification. Whether you have just been certified or if you have 50 dives under your fins, the Advanced Open Water course will help you gain valuable experience and develop useful skills that will expand your diving and adventure limits.

    Advanced Open Water certification allows you to participate in advanced excursions that require advanced diver training. Wherever you go, the Advanced Open Waters certification card identifies you as a capable and competent diver. When you travel, divemasters will know you have the training and skills for more advanced dives and often more interesting dives. The Advanced Open Water course is by far one of the most fun and popular courses we offer.

    In the course, you will complete five advanced dives. The core of the curriculum is instruction in navigation and deep diving. In addition to academic learning in these subjects, you will make a deep dive and an underwater navigation dive, under the guidance of one of our PADI instructors. Beyond these basic components, you will learn to improve buoyancy, and also additional underwater navigation skills, you will learn to make shoreline entries, search/recovery, fish identification, and much more…

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    The Advanced Open Water course gives you the knowledge you need to become a better, safer diver. Your training is based on the four main components of diving education: advanced diver knowledge in equipment and fine-tuning of skills thus improving performance and education. With more knowledge, a broader set of skills, a deeper understanding of your equipment, and greater experience, confidence and ability increases dramatically and so does the enjoyment of each dive.




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      First Day

      8:30 A.M Pick up at your hotel and transfer to the dive center, organized equipment, transfer to the site where two dives will be made. Once at the dive site we will analyze the conditions of the dive site, entries and exits in the zone of breakers, ascents and descents, navigation, search/recovery, buoyancy practices, emergency search and rescue patterns.

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      Second Day

      8:30 A.M. Pick up at your hotel and transfer to the dive center, organized equipment, transfer to the site where three dives will be made. We will make fish identification, underwater navigation and deep diving.
      The instructor may decide to include a night dive on the last night as a graduation event.


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      Minimum age 10 years

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      Certification open water

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      Stay warm underwater improving your swimming skills and buddy diving techniques.

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      The dive environments and Aquatic life you are likely to encounter.

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      Prevent common problems underwater.

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      An Introduction to Boat Diving.